We Are Moving Into the Future!

Did you know that most private insurance companies offer free Apps for you, the client, to do your own direct billing in just seconds?? AND they often pay you straight into your bank account within 1-2 business days!

Forward Thinking...

We are excited to be moving into the digital age, and with that comes the huge and rapid advancement of technology. Most, if not all, private insurance companies have created free Apps for download on their websites for their clients to use for Direct Billing for any services which they have paid for all in seconds. Many of these companies even direct deposit straight into your bank account within a few business days of your sending in the information.

This streamlined approach to billing allows our clinic to free up our front desk staff to do the more important work around the clinic - TEACH YOU EXERCISES! Also, it frees up the staff to supervise workout exercise form and help out in the treatment area as needed. As the clinic continues to grow, we will require more of this assistance from our staff and appreciate the new and simple technology available.

(We are happy to provide assistance to those with Blue Cross coverage who do not own smart phones or computers in order to ensure that their payments go through correctly).

We look forward to any feedback from clients.

Happy Fall!!