Roberta Radons

Impact Physio's open-concept services, combined with the use of the Brickhouse Gym during visits and Laurie's all-around holistic approach make Impact Physio Winnipeg's best-kept secret!

I'm definitely not one of her more sports-orientated clients, but she treats me with respect and is willing to explain both concepts and exercises to help me understand not just -what- I need to do, but how I need to do it.
After being to a few "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" physiotherapists, Impact Physio is just what I needed! Laurie is great at assessing not only the 'critical' problem, but also other areas of the body that also need improvement.
Seeing other patients working on their rehabilitation exercises is a great motivator for getting through your own list, and instant camaraderie develops. While I'm not 'cured' yet, I AM seeing improvements, and look forward to improved health and wellness!