Winnipeg's Virtual Physiotherapy Clinic

Impact Physiotherapy is based in Winnipeg offering Virtual Appointments to clients both in Winnipeg and across Manitoba. Regardless of injury history, our goal is to promote physical activity at all skill levels. Whether at work or play, movement and strength are crucial to prevent injury and maintain a healthy lifestyle as we age.


Laurie works with a diverse range of clients to help them maximize their quality of life and restore physical capacity. At Impact Physiotherapy, we focus on active, exercise-based rehabilitation driven to get you back in action, and in better overall shape. Physiotherapy is a valuable resource for remaining physically active in today’s fast-paced world. What happens when pain or injury get in your way to earning a living and have fun? Impact Physiotherapy is ready to assist you by assessing your current physical state, creating a action plan to get you back in the game of life, and helping you to reach your goals while fully supported every step of the way.


Ignoring post-car accident injuries and delaying medical attention can exacerbate the injuries and prolong the recovery process. Seeking prompt medical attention and making a bodily injury claim with your insurance provider can ensure proper coverage. Contact Manitoba Public Insurance immediately for bodily injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Prompt action is vital for a complete recovery process and long-term health.


With a focus on personalized care, Impact Physiotherapy is the premier choice for sports injury rehab. Laurie’s deep understanding of sports and virtual physiotherapy expertise allow her to provide top-quality care for a wide range of injuries to shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, feet & ankles, backs and much more. Whether sprains, strains, tears, tendonitis, mensical & ligament injuries or overuse & chronic stress injuries, she can work with them all.


Impact Physiotherapy has vast post-operative rehab expertise. Laurie has always used an aggressive exercise-based approach for her in-person care, and continues to do so with her virtual physiotherapy now. Surgeons in Winnipeg are impressed with her virtual therapy outcomes. Virtual physiotherapy works well for hip & knee replacements, rotator cuff, hip labral & knee ligament/meniscal repairs and ankle surgeries.


Our client-centered approach will work with all of your health care providers to find a management plan to attain optimal physical performance after your injury or set-back. Impact Physiotherapy consists of one extremely dedicated physiotherapist who specializes in orthopedic and sport injuries. If you’re ready to take charge of your health and performance, Laurie welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

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