How Impact Physiotherapy Got Started

Founded by Laurie Van Middlesworth, Impact Physiotherapy is no longer new to the physiotherapy scene in Winnipeg. After working for other clinics for her first years after graduating in January 2008, she decided to branch out and open her own practice where she could truly follow her passions and feel deeply satisfied with her work. She first opened a small space inside of a gym for 3 years then as the practice grew, she opened a larger location on Pembina Highway that featured a large gym facility in which clients could do their exercises, always ensuring that they were able to return to or above the level of function they had pre-injury. Unfortunately, with the onset of the pandemic, Laurie was forced to switch to providing virtual services because she was born with a Primary Immune Deficiency and Covid-19 is too great a risk to continue working in-person. In the fall of 2022, she moved her practice to her home where she continues to provide virtual care to all of her clients.


Laurie develops a treatment plan specific to your injury and recovery goals. Laurie prides herself on helping clients stay fit and healthy so that they can continue active participation in the community and in sports. To that end, she has taken innumerable courses throughout the years to further enhance her knowledge and techniques and continues to do so on a monthly if not weekly basis. She is always seeking information on the most up to date, evidence-based rehabilitation protocols and programming so that she can provide her clients with the best possible outcomes.

Laurie believes in providing client-specific, tailored programs for everyone to help them reach their personal active goals in life and sport. Through her involvement in sport as an athlete, coach, and trainer on the sidelines/bench, she understands the psychology of sport and the need for the athlete to return to play as rapidly as possible as well as the importance of remaining as active as possible during the rehabilitation process.


Ignoring post-car accident injuries and delaying medical attention can exacerbate the injuries and prolong the recovery process. Seeking prompt medical attention and making a bodily injury claim with your insurance provider can ensure proper coverage. Contact Manitoba Public Insurance immediately for bodily injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Prompt action is vital for a complete recovery process and long-term health.


With a focus on personalized care, Impact Physiotherapy is the premier choice for sports injury rehab. Laurie’s deep understanding of sports and virtual physiotherapy expertise allow her to provide top-quality care for a wide range of injuries to shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, feet & ankles, backs and much more. Whether sprains, strains, tears, tendonitis, mensical & ligament injuries or overuse & chronic stress injuries, she can work with them all.


Impact Physiotherapy has vast post-operative rehab expertise. Laurie has always used an aggressive exercise-based approach for her in-person care, and continues to do so with her virtual physiotherapy now. Surgeons in Winnipeg are impressed with her virtual therapy outcomes. Virtual physiotherapy works well for hip & knee replacements, rotator cuff, hip labral & knee ligament/meniscal repairs and ankle surgeries.

Why the Switch to Virtual Physiotherapy?

Because Laurie was born with a Primary Immune Deficiency, she is at a high risk for infections, especially in her lungs. Her body is not able to adequately fight infections the way that healthy people can, and minor colds can make her very sick. Her body is also not able to properly respond to vaccines, and as such they do not provide the protection that healthy people benefit from with vaccines. This is a permanent condition and as such, the risk of contracting Covid-19 and having a very poor outcome is very high.

Laurie decided that Virtual Physiotherapy would be the ideal way for her to stay safe, while still being able to provide the quality of care that she demands of herself to each of her clients. Though it was challenging when she first began virtual appointments, she was surprised how easily her assessment and treatment techniques worked over virtual appointments. She took many courses to bolster her skills and quickly became very proficient at diagnosing injuries and determining the best way ensure her clients reach their goals and achieve the best possible outcomes.


Laurie believes that teaching each client exercises to reach their goals and teaching the importance of exercise for life to prevent injury are the most important components of rehabilitation. Laurie believes in empowering the client to take charge of their recovery, with the knowledge that Laurie is there for them every step of the way.

Prior to the pandemic, Laurie was committed to volunteering in the community. In addition to mentoring students at the School of Medical Rehabilitation, she has worked with and provided her expertise to the St. Vital Mustangs and Greendell football clubs, Winnipeg Roller Derby League, Brazilian Jui Jit Su, and Ball Hockey Nationals Teams. She has also volunteered her time at numerous sports events around the province as a therapist and supervisor such as the Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships, Manitoba Summer & Winter Games, High School Provincial Track & Volleyball Championships, the Manitoba Marathon, and many more. She was also an active member of the Sport Physiotherapy Manitoba Division for 10 years and was a registered therapist for the Canadian Sport Centre. Sadly, the volunteer work was forced to stop with the onset of the pandemic.

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