Virtual Physiotherapy is a way to start and continue your recovery from injury, despite what life throws at you. Whether you can’t leave the house, don’t have time to make it to an appointment, you live too far away, or are out of town on holidays, you will still be guided by a physiotherapist to ensure your overcome your issue and live your life as it’s meant to!

What are Virtual / Tele-Rehab / Telehealth / Video / Digital Physiotherapy Appointments?

All these terms are inter-changeable for the same thing – the delivery of physiotherapy services remotely using electronic communication technologies that is delivered face to face by video on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. It is an accessible way to have a physiotherapy appointment. Tele-rehab shadows an in-person appointment, the only difference being that there is no hands-on approach. Instead, the physiotherapist at Impact Physiotherapy can teach you how to perform self-treatment techniques that mimic in-clinic hands-on techniques.

Impact Physiotherapy’s Virtual Physiotherapy is REAL Physiotherapy. Virtual Physiotherapy provides you with safe, quality remote patient care – including online live video tele-rehabilitation sessions with an experienced, licensed physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience in the profession from the comfort of your home, office, or even at your gym.

Virtual Physiotherapy is a way to start and continue your recovery from injury, despite what life throws at you. Whether you can’t leave the house, don’t have time to make it to an appointment, you live too far away, or are out of town on holidays, you will still be guided by a physiotherapist to ensure your overcome your issue and live your life as it’s meant to!

Virtual Physiotherapy can help you get control over your injury and pain and get you safely moving and doing the things you love and enjoy again! At Impact Physiotherapy, we can see you virtually with physiotherapy by video. It is just like FaceTime, except it’s through a secure platform that meets all privacy regulations. Although we do not meet in person, we can still see and hear each other.

Whether you live too far away from treatment (out of town, in a remote area), don’t like driving across town through rush hour to & from an appointment, prefer not to pay for parking at appointments, have a busy schedule, or just feel more comfortable and safe receiving Physiotherapy treatment from your home, Virtual Physiotherapy could be a perfect solution for you!

If you live or work in a remote community, Virtual Physiotherapy provides access to the care you need when you need it. Virtual Physiotherapy is done in the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a computer/laptop/tablet/smart phone. It can’t get any easier to receive physiotherapy care. Patients with elbow/shoulder/neck/back pain, post-shoulder/knee surgery, post knee/hip replacement, car accidents and any lower body injuries are all great candidates for this treatment.

Whether you are currently in recovery, find yourself with new injuries due to the stresses of working from home, or are unable to access in-person appointments, our Virtual Physiotherapy services are here to help. Using virtual communication technologies, including your computer/laptop, tablet or smart phone, you will have direct remote access to your virtual Physiotherapist via live video conferencing, direct phone calls and more.

Laurie at Impact Physiotherapy is thrilled to be able to provide this service! It is going to be a game changer to help many people who otherwise don’t have access to Physiotherapy and are forced to live with pain and decreased quality of life.

Empower yourself to become self-sufficient and an active player in your recovery.

Additional benefits of this service include face to face connection and client-led goal setting, while helping you attend to your injuries and pain at the same time.

Laurie has been offering this service for a few years now and the feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive!

If you have questions &/or concerns, please reach out to Laurie at Impact Physiotherapy. She is happy to speak with you regarding any questions or concerns you may have and is also willing to set up a complimentary 15-minute consultation so that you can test it out and she can go over any other concerns.

All sessions are completely one-on-one with the Physiotherapist. Laurie will complete a full history, discuss your concerns and functional limitations, and then complete important components of our examination including observation of your overall movement, assessing range of motion, evaluating function and specific strength, balance, and flexibility. From there Laurie then determines the best course of action and treatment. Treatment options for Virtual Physiotherapy include instruction on self-mobilizations/manual therapy, self-myofascial release techniques, education on how to manage your injury at home, pain management, exercise prescription including instruction on form & technique, exercise progressions, gait re-education and guidance on progression through return to sport/work or other activities in your day. After your appointment, you will be sent an email with your home exercise program including videos, pictures, written & verbal instructions on how to perform them, how many of each exercise & how often. Your exercise program can be accessed online or on an App which you can download for free to have them right at your fingertips when you need them!

Virtual Assessment

After a thorough subjective history and objective examination, the physiotherapist will provide:

  • A working diagnosis of the injury
  • Education regarding the injury
  • Discussion of pain management strategies, including activities that should be avoided
  • Home Exercise Program, taught during the appointment so that the client understands how to perform each one and that they are all effective for their current injury (including self-mobilization techniques, self myofascial release techniques, exercises for pain management/strengthening/stretching, etc.) as determined by the physiotherapist for your specific injury
  • Any additional questions will be answered


You will book your upcoming visits before the end of the appointment.

Virtual Follow-Up Appointment

During follow-up appointments:

  • The physiotherapist will request an update on current symptoms, function, activity level, etc.
  • The physiotherapist will evaluate your mobility and guide you through any self-mobilization techniques required
  • The physiotherapist will re-evaluate functional movements and review your current exercise program
  • The physiotherapist will always provide ongoing education throughout your recovery
  • The physiotherapist will progress your exercise program as they see fit and demonstrate and have you demonstrate each exercise to ensure that you understand how to perform each exercise and feel comfortable with it
  • The physiotherapist will email you a new home exercise program after the appointment is completed with the new exercises you are to perform until your next visit.

Follow-up visits will be booked as needed.

Any clients currently working with Laurie who require a quick check-in to review an exercise or need some advice can book a quick check-in appointment at a reduced price.

What are Virtual / Tele-Rehab / Telehealth / Video / Digital Physiotherapy Appointments?

Although we will be able to see and hear each other, Laurie will not be able to apply hands-on evaluation of your injury or hands-on treatment. Instead, if it is deemed necessary to receive a hands-on evaluation Laurie will refer you to a sports medicine specialist to evaluate your injury. If the Physiotherapist determines that you require additional hands-on care in order to achieve the goals you are working towards, they will refer you to a specialist for that body area or type of treatment they feel will be of most benefit for your recovery.

It would be preferable if you can choose a quiet, private area in your home for your session. You will need a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone with a camera & microphone as well as an internet connection. You will need to download Google Chrome onto the device you plan to use if you do not already have it.

Please wear clothes that do not restrict your movement. If it is a neck/shoulder injury, a tank top or sleeveless shirt is helpful. If it is a knee/ankle/foot injury, shorts, or pants that you can pull up above the knee are helpful. Make sure to clear a space so that you can demonstrate movements in standing, sitting (chair), and on the floor (depending on your mobility). *If a mat/blanket and pillow will be comfortable, have those nearby.

Also, any tubing/resistance bands or small weights are useful to have nearby as we review your exercise program.

It’s time for your Virtual Physiotherapy appointment! You will receive an email or text from Impact Physiotherapy 2 hours prior to your appointment inviting you to join. Open your email in Google Chrome. When you find the email, click on the provided link, accept the consent and a new browser window will open with your appointment.

**As you enter the appointment, you will be prompted to enable your video and microphone on your device. Please do this once you have connected to your session so that your therapist can see and hear you easily. (If you have any technical issues, the Physiotherapist will call to provide you with technical support).

1. Contact us for an assessment

Call us at 204-453-3290
Book online
You will be emailed an Intake form to complete online which will automatically fill in your profile on the JaneApp system.

2. Receive your JaneApp welcome email and orientation.

Two hours before of your appointment, you will receive an email with link that will take you to your appointment.

Ensure you have downloaded Google Chrome onto the device you plan to use. When it’s time for your appointment, open your email in the Google Chrome browser and click on the link. A new browser window will open.

BEFORE your click on the Join Consult button:

  1. Click on microphone and click on the “Allow” pop-up.
  2. Click on the camera, click on the “Allow” pop-up on your screen.


Then you can click “Join Consult”.

You will be placed in a waiting room.

When your physiotherapist is ready to start  your appointment, they will let you in.

3. Start your virtual physio treatment

Once your physiotherapist determines the best plan of care for you, follow up visits will be able to be scheduled in. You are encouraged to get in touch at any point in time if you have any questions at all during your recovery journey!

Request an assessment