Winnipeg Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Services

Impact’s Virtual Physiotherapy clinic has a wide variety of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services that will get you back in the game in the no time at all. Laurie is committed to getting her clients in the best shape possible. Please look at the offered services. If you have any questions, please contact us today.


Impact physiotherapy services all ages, abilities, and activity levels. From school children to older adults, everyone is welcome. Impact Physiotherapy treats primarily injuries or conditions of a musculoskeletal nature.

  • Neck & Back Injuries
  • Muscle & Joint Problems
  • Individualized Exercise Programs
  • Sports & Overuse injuries
  • Pre-surgery strengthening
  • Post-surgery rehab


Ignoring post-car accident injuries and delaying medical attention can exacerbate the injuries and prolong the recovery process. Seeking prompt medical attention and making a bodily injury claim with your insurance provider can ensure proper coverage. Contact Manitoba Public Insurance immediately for bodily injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Prompt action is vital for a complete recovery process and long-term health.


With a focus on personalized care, Impact Physiotherapy is the premier choice for sports injury rehab. Laurie’s deep understanding of sports and virtual physiotherapy expertise allow her to provide top-quality care for a wide range of injuries to shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, feet & ankles, backs and much more. Whether sprains, strains, tears, tendonitis, mensical & ligament injuries or overuse & chronic stress injuries, she can work with them all.


Impact Physiotherapy has vast post-operative rehab expertise. Laurie has always used an aggressive exercise-based approach for her in-person care, and continues to do so with her virtual physiotherapy now. Surgeons in Winnipeg are impressed with her virtual therapy outcomes. Virtual physiotherapy works well for hip & knee replacements, rotator cuff, hip labral & knee ligament/meniscal repairs and ankle surgeries.


Confidence is a critical component to any athlete’s success. However, a crucial component to maintaining confidence is knowing that your body is prepared to take on anything your sport may throw your way. Sport rehabilitation involves rebuilding that confidence just as much as it involves rebuilding any damaged or weakened tissues.

Sport Physiotherapy encompasses assessing risk factors related to potential injuries, and utilizing other sports injury specialists as needed to ensure that you have access to all of the tools needed to get you back to sport.

As part of your assessment and treatment program, Laurie will evaluate your unique biomechanics and offer insight into how to improve your movement patterns in order to prevent re-injury and optimize performance. Laurie can also use video analysis to show you potential inefficiencies that may be holding you back on game or race day. Laurie also teaches taping and educates on bracing solutions where necessary.


Laurie’s goal is to deliver the best spinal rehabilitation programming to each of her clients. Laurie will communicate with your orthopaedic surgeon and/or physician(s) to get access to any imaging in order to understand the entire picture and treat your back to the fullest extent.

A high percentage of patients that eventually get a consultation with a spinal surgeon will learn that they are not considered a candidate for surgery. This is a long wait to learn that therapeutic exercise and lifestyle counselling will aid in their recovery. Whether you need surgery or are suffering from a long-standing back injury that does not require surgical intervention, Laurie can help. What sets Laurie apart is the role she plays in her clients’ ability to achieve long lasting success when it comes to back pain management, even as they wait for a consultation. Laurie strives to exceed expectations when it comes to functional restoration of the patient.

Laurie understands the importance of self-mobilization techniques and how they need to be applied to help you regain your range of motion and your function. Your goals are at the forefront and Laurie loves helping you get back to your activities of daily living, get back on the golf course, and get back to playing with your children or grandchildren. Laurie applies exercise physiology and therapeutic exercise principles to encourage positive lifestyle changes to get the best treatment with the fastest results.


Laurie has extensive experience working with ACL injuries, as well as attending numerous courses & lectures to learn the most effective and efficient ways to get you back to sport.

Each rehabilitation program will follow activity progressions including knee mobility, gait re-education, hip and knee stability exercises with progression to plyometrics and sport specific movement patterns when appropriate. As an athlete herself, Laurie understands that incorporating sport specific exercise into the rehabilitation process is critical to improve athlete confidence. Regardless of the competitive level or type of sport or activity, Laurie will tailor your rehabilitation program to optimize your athletic performance.


Laurie’s combination of staying on top of the most current research as well as attending numerous courses has enabled her to learn extensively about foot and ankle injuries and the best rehab protocols. She will work hard to help you with your pain and get you back to the activities you enjoy.

Some common foot and ankle problems that patients present with are plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, shin splints, ankle sprains and big toe pain. Rehabilitation of the foot and ankle is based on a thorough biomechanical assessment of how your whole body works. With this assessment, specific problems of how your body works are identified. A thorough rehabilitation program follows to help diminish pain, stretch out tight structures, strengthen weak structures, get parts moving in a more efficient way, and assist the retraining of specific movement patterns.

A complete treatment program for your foot and ankle problem may include but may not be limited to self-mobilization techniques, stretching/strengthening, biomechanical re-education exercises, instruction on proper footwear, and the use of orthotics or braces.

As an important part of the treatment, we’ll attempt to educate you on what your problem is, why it’s happening and what we can do to improve the situation together. Treatment intervention will be initiated during your Virtual appointment but more importantly is the inclusion of a home exercise and care regime. Laurie will direct you on what you need to do, and what not to do (at home, at work, with daily activities and with your fitness regime) to improve your symptoms and function. Laurie at Impact Physiotherapy believes that the most important part of your recovery is pointing you in the right direction to “make yourself better”.


Detailed physical assessment and functional evaluation / Education on how to tape / Running Assessments / Education on performing Self-Treatment or Self-Mobilization Techniques / Sports Rehabilitation / Exercise prescription & Fitness conditioning / Arthritis & Osteoporosis Management / Pre- & Post-Operative Therapy / Orthopedic Bracing knowledge …and much more.

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